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Does Growth Hacking really exist?

Written by JunHo Lee

* This article was translated by google. Original article is korean.

One of the keywords you become a buzzword in recent years the IT sector is ‘Growth Hacking’ is. So also find many resources on the internet to see books I’ve suddenly heard this this idea.

Does Growth Hacking really exist?

In this post I thought about the characters and the story to try to Growth Hacking.

1.What is Growth HACKING?

*Growth Hackers: it abandoned the traditional marketing textbook verifiable and traceable, and refers to a person who replaces only scalable way. They use advertising, public relations, e-mail instead of money, pay per click advertising, blog, a platform API tools. And these are deemed to be built on the product itself rather than marketers happen to be marketing. (Source: Growth hacking, Ryan Holiday)

* Growth Hacking: As you can see, there is little leverage resources to create a whole new brand in the top of the ground as a measurable indicator (AARRR, A / B test used, etc.), and proceeds based on the ROI. That focuses on how to get a scalable and efficient way to maintain the interest through. Therefore, the core of the growth hacking can be called ‘mindset’ viewed from the perspective of the business out of the way of thinking of starting their own actions and for the purpose of marketing the company’s product development life cycle (Source: Growth Hacking, Ryan Holiday )

* Want to know more detail about the minutes and other growth hacking to refer to the following url wind.

2. Specific examples of growth hacking?

hotmail 그로스 해킹

*There is also korea cases of hacking. (For details, see the book winds.)

3. Does Growth hacking really exist?


I want to ask you reading this at this point. A clear understanding that it goes growth hacking? You clearly know what? Depending on the person, I still do not know the fact well. I will definitely not down the definition. And AARRR, A / B test to be called unconditionally Growth hacking tool that measures and analyzes such thinking is not. That’s because just AARRR, A / B test using the same tools as geotyiji new marketing techniques can not see. It is also the essence of the author, according to Ryan holiday Growth hacking is ‘mindset’ for growth. So my personal opinion, say Growth hacking is slightly ambiguous concepts that can be judged differently depending on the person on the basis of clear thinking, not a concept that can be defined as any specific action is. If you are a bit more extreme, say marketing to growth the service (or business) to new ideas would not be called both growth hacking?

For example, marketing 빼빼로데이 we know that it also be seen as a growth hacking. Elongated by the characteristics of the product whether or not the effect of watching the best marketing colossal sales! So it can be seen that there is a growth hacking concept that has already been for a long time.

And recently there have been a marketing lecture called “Small Marketing Clinic has this information. “In modern marketing it should proceed from step to produce the product in terms of business (business, trade) rather than to proceed in terms of marketing advertising (publicity).” In fact, this part is consistent at Growth Hacking and finding a lot of factors in marketing products. Recent topics is that the concept of Growth Hacking when viewing this regard, it is considered that has already been present before him by a different name in marketing.

And it should be analyzed in the form of measurable results in marketing is a concept that had existed in fact lean startup. Just lean production start-ups (business) only one central idea.


4. Nevertheless, there are cases of growth hacking Insight.

그로스 해킹 인사이트

As mentioned above, I do not want to accept a new concept never before the concept of Growth Hacking. However, cases of growth hacking that gave me insight is true. The reason for this is that once was can be considered the functional integrity of the product from the marketing point of view. In particular, the web service that holds the minds of planners’ attention “friendly developers (?) Like me” are even more so. In other words, it is focused on the functional integrity of the service I UI / UX aspects and stability in fully taken into account the convenience of the user, but automatically by the users of the service do not worry until the marketing ideas that can be marketing. ( Otherwise, of course, is also a lot of planners.) Then Bonnie is a natural development and marketing services are conducted separately as separate. So in our company are in the process of updating the operating service called Docswave (Google-based workflow services), this time has added (similar to the case of growth hacking) marketing ideas. The idea is to focus on the existing capabilities of each other if an concentrating on Workflow members in future versions will also update and external people who do not use the Workflow Docswave to the enterprise (organization) using the Docswave. Invite someone outside themselves Docswave by allowing users to proceed with the Workflow to help Docswave can be promoted automatically by the user. In fact, this idea is not a standout feature also implements the idea is quite simple. Nevertheless, the existing mothaetneunde not think that the reason for this seems to be due to the accident did not find a marketing element in the product itself.


5. 최고의 제품 = 최고의 마케팅 from team

After all it is the core of growth hacking to configure it in a form that can be measured looking at the elements of marketing products and seems to be the core of modern marketing. Therefore, making a good product is the best

Then we (IT planners in the field of) product (service) or at the stage of planning the project and already have ideas to be shared with marketers will have to include clear that there are also intermediate developers. In reality, of course, whether it is the right action to sseurago attention to ideas about marketing to developers of Korea that must be completed in accordance with the development of a tight schedule, I do not know. However, if all involved in the project is to act as the marketer being able to produce good results in theory, it seems clear.

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